Where the bidding wars are

RESEARCH: Sanjay Bhatt INTERACTIVE: Thomas Wilburn

The grid below shows how bidding wars vary in intensity by city and neighborhood, based on the percentage of homes sold above list price. The data covers sales from April through June in King and Snohomish counties. Read story ›

To explore the data for a city or neighborhood you’re interested in: Click any shaded cell in the grid to get a list of cities fitting the price and bidding-war intensity indicated; or, click on any city in the table below to get a list of neighborhoods in that city and their bidding-war data. You can also type the neighborhood name in the search box to find it in the grid.

Median sale price
% sold above list price {{ 0 | priceRange:data.mode }} {{ 1 | priceRange:data.mode }} {{ 2 | priceRange:data.mode }} {{ 3 | priceRange:data.mode }}
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City: {{data.filter | strings}} Clear selection
City / neighborhood Units sold % sold
above list
Sale price* Over/under list price* Days on market*
{{ }} {{ data.selectedCity.sold }} {{ data.selectedCity.aboveList | formatPercentage:0 }} {{ data.selectedCity.price | formatMoney }} {{ data.selectedCity.toList | formatPercentage:1 }} {{ data.selectedCity.dom }}
{{row.neighborhood ||}} {{row.sold}} {{row.aboveList | formatPercentage:0:$first}} {{row.price | formatMoney:$first}} {{row.toList | formatPercentage:1:$first}} {{row.dom}}

Columns marked with * are medians: half the homes sold were above this value, half below. To see the neighborhood boundaries, go to

DATA: Redfin