Make your own Paper Hawk

It's your turn to join the team! Use the buttons below to make your own customized Paper Hawk.

Once you've printed and built your doll, you can upload your photos to show off your handiwork! You can find all our previous Paper Hawks here, including the seven players featured this year.

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Face position - drag to adjust
Fold Fold Fold Fold Fold Build your own Paper Hawk customized
Skin tone
Hair color
Cut slits to insert ends of facemask Fold Fold Fold HELMET Score Tab Tab Fold Score RIGHT ARM LEFT ARM Tab Tab Fold NOTE: To make the figure sturdier, you may paste pieces on to heavy paper before trimming or print our online version on heavier stock. 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 Trim out all pieces with scissors or a hobby knife. Assemble the main figure by folding tabs and along lines. Cut slits for arms (dotted lines on figure’s sides). Fold arms in half, tape and insert into slits on main body. Secure back to front with tape. Assemble helmet, cut slits for facemask and insert ends of facemask into slits. Secure with tape. Fold up tabs at base of main figure and base of helmet and tape them to the interior walls for stability. Put the helmet on the main figure. (Second of two pages) Trim out white areas FACEMASK