I want to feel more ...
I want to feel ...

Experience the world through the lives and lenses of women.
Navigate through dozens of short documentaries by feeling.

About this project

Deep pride. Incredible grief. Silly, joyful inspiration. The experiences of women are stories we can all share in, learn from and be a part of. They need to be seen, honored, celebrated.

Our video team at The Seattle Times documents these stories from a unique vantage point. Composed predominantly of women, the team is able to produce genuine stories about women and female-identifying members of our community with depth, nuance and honesty.

This is a collection of stories that redefine the hero's journey through the experiences, lives and lenses of women. These short films focus on the universal narratives that we can all connect with and feel, regardless of gender or identity, because Her Story is Our Story, too.

Come feel with us.

Have feedback or a story idea? Email us at herstory@seattletimes.com


  • Films by: Corinne Chin, Lauren Frohne,
    Erika Schultz, Bettina Hansen, Ramon Dompor, Ellen Banner
  • Project editors: Danny Gawlowski, Laura Gordon,
    Kris Higginson, Frank Mina
  • Concept: Lauren Frohne, Corinne Chin, Helga Salinas
  • Design: Jen Luxton, Emily Eng
  • Development: Thomas Wilburn, Frank Mina
  • Engagement: Amy Wong, Nick Eaton