Need a vacation? Choose your own adventure from these 35 weekend getaways

Sick of routine and want a new adventure? Need a mind-calming spa day away from the office? Everyone needs a quick getaway to refresh and rejuvenate at some time. And most of us have one thing in common: vacation time and the resources to spend on it are limited commodities. So we’ve created a choose-your-own-adventure collection of tried-and-tested weekend getaways to a variety of locales. Just tell us what you’re hoping to get away from, then select from our menu of options and get going! Ready?

What are you getting away from?

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Published August 16, 2019
  • Reporters: Megan Burbank and Crystal Paul
  • Project editor: Stefanie Loh
  • Illustrator: Gabriel Campanario
  • Developer Emily M. Eng