very single block in Seattle holds millions of stories — from the people who traverse and make homes on them to the businesses that come and go from their storefronts over the years. Even the streetlights and graffiti, a broken link in a fence or a conspicuous patch of flowers might hold a story.

This City Block tells the story of our city — past, present and future — one block at a time.

This City Block: ‘The lesson of 23rd and Union is that there’s a way’
Is the corner of East Union Street and 23rd Avenue in the Central District still “the most controversial block in Seattle”? The Seattle Times takes a close look at life on This City Block.
‘A microcosm of the world’: Readers share their memories of 23rd and Union
The Seattle Times asked readers about their stories from 23rd and Union. From memories of places long gone to fighting for civil rights, here are some of their experiences.

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Arté Noir reclaims space in Central District for Black arts
Arte Noir will be a space to showcase Black artists and reclaim space for the residents who have been priced out of the Central District.
Midtown Square artists aim to connect community to the deep history of the Central District
Eight Central District artists contributed art pieces that surround the area Midtown Square building, which hopes to become a community gathering space.
Charming moments capture the life of 23rd and Union — from doughnuts at sunrise to an evening stroll
How does a city block change from day to day, hour to hour? Here are moments of quiet, of excitement, of community as the sun rises and falls at 23rd and Union.
Restaurant review: Communion serves up delicious 'Seattle Soul' cuisine that deeply matters
Chef Kristi Brown looks to soul food traditions and all the cultures of the Pacific Northwest to create something stellar — and create change, too.
A young bakery hopes to be the sweet heart of this community
"Shikorina" means "sweetheart" in Tigrinya. Shikorina Pastries owner Hana Yohannes built her business with hopes that it would be a community gathering place.
An illustrated look at the people, businesses that have called 23rd and Union home
Author and illustrator Susanna Ryan celebrates the places and faces who have made this city block their home throughout its history.
Once a milk-bottling plant, now a cozy single-room theater, Central Cinema is full of stories
The Spitzer family has run Central Cinema for the past 17 years, through neighborhood upheaval, financial hardship, massive development and a pandemic.
Grapheme is the Central District’s cozy home for letterpress
Mandolin Brassaw’s stationery shop and letterpress studio Grapheme in the Central District has become a well-curated hub for Seattle’s graphic design community.
How Wa Na Wari uses art to enliven the Central District and keep Black residents in their homes
Despite the pandemic, Wa Na Wari broadened its cultural offerings. At the heart of all of it is a blueprint for anti-displacement work through the arts.
Photo essay: Greetings, laughter and more on 23rd and Union
Seattle Times photographer Daniel Kim captured greetings, laughter and more on 23rd and Union.